#SafeNotStranded | #RMXMUSTGO
By July 2022, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Biden administration can finally terminate the Remain in Mexico (RMX) policy, started by President Trump. This case, Biden v. Texas, has massive implications stretching far beyond border and immigration policy, because every president should have the authority to ensure people are safe, and not stranded.


Ten other briefs calling on the Supreme Court to recognize the Biden administration’s power to revoke Remain in Mexico have been submitted. We’ve broken down what they say.





In 2018, the Trump administration instituted the “Remain in Mexico” policy, returning asylum seekers to (or stopping them in) Mexico, upending the decades-long precedent of allowing people fleeing danger the ability to seek asylum in the United States.

The policy has forced more than 71,000 vulnerable people, including thousands of children, to languish in dangerous conditions in Mexican border towns for the duration of their immigration court proceedings. Human Rights First has documented the thousands of kidnappings, murders, rapes, and other acts of violence or intimidation suffered by those stranded by RMX.

Families and individuals face countless barriers in obtaining legal help to plea for their safety. Many children were forced to leave their parents and travel to the border on their own as unaccompanied minors. Rather than release these vulnerable children into the care of family members in the U.S., the Trump Administration rushed to deport them and the Biden administration has refused to give these kids the rights to safely seek asylum that they are due.

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Currently, a circuit court decision, authored by a panel of all-Republican appointees including two Trump judges, is forcing the government to enact even more draconian and dehumanizing policies.

This decision came in spite of  — not because of  — the law, rejection of these policies by voters, and the constitutionally-mandated foreign policy powers of the executive branch. This is an insult to democracy and the rule of law.


Voters rejected President Trump’s failed immigration policies at the ballot box in 2018 and 2020, and President Biden is allowed to reverse them. The Supreme Court will decide whether the will of millions of voters and our laws can be undermined by a single federal judge.

People seeking asylum have a right to be safe, not stranded. Immigration advocates and communities who have decried family separation are coming together. It is time to make our voices heard and tell the Supreme Court that people fleeing for their lives should be #SafeNotStranded and #RMXMustGo.



#SafeNotStranded is a coalition powered by thousands of people and organizations including:


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American Immigration Council

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